5 months old baby

Question: Im not able to feed sufficient milk to my baby.he z now 5 months old.i tried lactogen.baby got loose motions.now im trying cows milk.he z suffering with gas.please suggest me what to do.he z becoming lean too

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Answer: I too giving cow milk.(it's one cow milk is best to give for babies)....after few minutes....give grape water....for digestion......for lactogen better cow milk.... I too gave lactogen for my baby... She use to vomit and got loose motion I stopped......I use too give 1 cow milk weekly thrice....only in morning hours.... For ur breast milk try fry garlic in food,or garlic milk.mothers Horlicks,jeera water,morng soaked fenugreek, green vegetables ,fish, chicken, mutton.... After feeding take 1liters of water or at least half litre water or any juice......eat what u like 2hours once.... Often.... Sure it all increase ur breast feed.....if u r feeding right or left side... The first milk , second milk ,and third milk of same side lll be thick milk.....this thick milk will Increase bby.... weight......... breast milk is safe and good for bby until 8months.....if we try anything new to bby ....sure the will not digest soon....bby ll loss weight and suffer..... with uncomfortable.....soo take care of ur bby.... Make him have a good full sleep for digestion ...... hope it helps u.... sissy.....
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    Anbaruvi Princess999 days ago

    You should not give cows milk and by the way not giving gripe water.. Both are not good for babys health.. Cows milk not good for babu digestive system and gripe water has alcohol and highly sugar content.. If you give gripe water to baby it will immediately make baby sleep.. It is not good for baby health.. Be careful...

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    Advik Kate996 days ago

    No, by giving gripe water baby was not immediately sleep

Answer: Dear.. You should not give cows milk or buffalo milk till baby turns 1yr.. Baby's digestive enzymes not matured at this age.. If your bm is not enough, you can give fm after dr consult.. You should consult dr for fm to your baby.. Don't give fm by your own decision.. And try to increase your bm.. Google it for tips to increase bm...
Answer: Ask to doctor, or you can start cow milk but that also heavy for digestion. So it's better to ask Dr. And one more thing just try lactogen for one week or 2-3 days if same thing is happening then ask to Dr about same. Coz I was giving lactogen from 3 month.
Answer: Use aavin milk blue color packet add 1:1 ratio and give it while boling the milk add 15omamseed in to it ,take a small cotton white clean clothes add the omam boil it well and give to ur baby
Answer: Try buffalo milk Add water in 1:1 ration to milk.
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Question: hii mommies my baby is 3 Months old i hav to join office from June 1st i tried giving her fm of nan pro 1 but she doesn't take it.. i tried cows milk too buy she dont take tht too m stress now if she doesn't get habbit how will I able to manage my office?? please suggest something mommies
Answer: Start bottle feeding with these tips. May be your baby start top feed with the help of these tips. Try a slow-flow nipple. For some babies, especially infants, a regular nipple may flood them with milk. If your baby gags when using a bottle, replace his nipple with a slow-flow one to see if that helps. Put some breast milk on the nipple. When your baby tastes it, she may start sucking to get more. Let your baby play with the nipple so she can familiarize herself with it. If she just chews on it, let her for now. She may actually start sucking on it soon. Try different temperatures. It could be your baby prefers her milk slightly warmer or colder than you've been giving it to her. Experiment with different temperatures to see what she prefers. You might also see if there's a difference between giving her fresh milk or milk that's been frozen. Offer the bottle at other times of day. If your baby won't take the bottle during the day, try offering it during a nighttime feeding or vice versa.
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Question: I dont have enough milk to feed my baby, initially i gave lactogen along with brest milk. Now im giving cows milk to my baby along with brest milk... But feeling rally bad to give cows milk. But my parents are convincing me to give that.. is there any problem in giving cows milk as my baby is now in 50days
Answer: Hello dear, A 2month old baby's intestines are not ready to break down cow's milk! Baby should be feed only breastmilk since birth. It is better for your baby to put him/her back on formula if you can't breastfeed. Wait until your baby is a year old before giving her cow's milk as a main drink. It's fine to use a little cow's milk in your baby's food once she's started on solids. Yoghurt and mild cheese are also fine to feed your baby from six months. Hope it helped, Take care ur little one..
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Question: can we feed cows milk as im not able to gve him breast milk sufficient
Answer: Hi Dear! Please dont offer Cow milk to a 2 months old, it has complex proteins which the baby digestivr system cant handle, if fr any reason u r unable to feed the baby your milk pls start formula. Cow milk is suggested after 1 yr of baby's age.. Good luck!
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