11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Im not able to eat properly I'm eating only lunch is it effect my baby.....?????

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Answer: Hi dear, yes it will affect ur baby as now u need to eat more than usual... Try to eat in portions... Don't eat much in lunch.... Even I am not able to eat as I feel full or vomiting... So i started eating salads, dry fruits and soups... Tht is helping me a lot
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Question: Feeling very tired and not able to eat lunch properly. When shall I become normal
Answer: hi dear don't worry this will be alright in another couple of weeks because this is the common symptom of pregnancy during the first trimester so please don't feel eat healthy food and also take more calcium iron and fibre rich food even if you don't feel like eating you you should not keep your meal dear because you are the building power of your baby and your baby will be waiting for the supplements from you and it helps in the baby's growth and development
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Question: Im not able to control eating raw rice.will it effect my fetus
Answer: Hello dear, There are a lot of harm to eat raw rice. It  may reduce hunger among the pregnant women who eat it, but this may also cause them infection at the same time. It may cause you constipation. So please don't think to eat. Instead of that you can eat banslochan, It is similar like but it is beneficial also. Hope it helped, Take care urself...
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Question: My daughter is not eating food properly, maggi noodles only she like to eat is it good for her health
Answer: Better don't give too much Maggi noodles now itself.its not good for health. Give vegetables..fruits...if you are non veg give egg,fish,meat and all...
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