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Question: Im 4 months pregnant.I have got many pimple on my face and neck area then it became dark spots is it normal in pregnancy or any other reason .if it is common how can i treat them.please provide some information regarding this

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Answer: This is due to hormonal changes and it will become normal after delivery. You can try applying multanni mitti. It will help to reduce darks spots.
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    Priya Nutalapati771 days ago

    Thank u so much for help

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Answer: It is the dead cells. Don't scrub hard. Use any baby shampoo to clean it but make sure u don't put much pressure
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Question: My baby is 15 days old my baby got pimple like mums on his face it is so many on his face what to do ??
Answer: new born babies do get some rashes.. please don't do will go away normally
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Question: hi i got many pimples on my forehead and my neck became black is it common during pregancy
Answer: is common in pregnancy dont worry .
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