31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Im 7 months pregnant....begin with my 8th today onwards....i had acidity sincr last 2 days and got watery motions since last night with mild pain in upper abdomen....do i need to see a doc or go with home remedy..if home remedy what can be done...

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Answer: height if you are having acidity you should try this home remedies which will help you you should take Ginger Honey paste one teaspoon twice a day you can take peppermint one teaspoon twice a day if you are also having not watery motions you should try this take sabudana pomegranate Apple Rice Water all this will help you make sure that you have yoghurt because it has good bacteria which will help in digestion and you should also consul to the doctor take more of fluids take ORS which will help you to be hydrated throughout the day
Answer: I think u should consult a doctor...home remedies itself may work but it's not the time to make a test with your body..don't worry..everything would be okay soon
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Question: Hello experts, My LmP is 14th sep. I got check up done on 8th april, my doc said I have urine infection as pus cells were 15-20...so she suggested me to have martifur twice a day along with pan 40 if acidity persists and suggested to have urinary culture test done. Urine culture repory came as negative. Today is my last of having murtifur. It initiated acidity lil bit and i had pain around naval. but i didnt take pan 40. I am feeling little disoriented and worried abt this antibiotic. is everything ok?
Answer: Urine infection the cure is only water... Drink plenty of water and keep urinating all the infection will come from urine this is the natural method also follow doctor prescription...
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Question: Hello.... My 32nd week is going on....today i had very spicy pani puri after which i am feeling little worried for the baby as my doc has said to eat less spicy food last week as i had acidity....please let me know if i need to worry on this..???
Answer: not to worry at all for ur baby it won't effect him/her. But u can have acidity
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Question: I had a very bad fight with my family yesterday and I couldn't eat and sleep last night and i suddenly lost all the pregnancy symptoms today i am 18 weeks pregnant now please advice if i have to immediately go for a check up or is it normal?does excess stress impact the baby
Answer: If you have even a little doubt, you should go and check it with your gynae.
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