12 months old baby

Question: Im lactating mom for my 11 month boy baby, took unwanted 72 one week before and still not spotted intermittent bleeding, is there any chance of pregnancy??

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Answer: hi dear! so you will have to provide full information dear as when you took the pill and how many days after the intercourse you took. you will have to monitor your urine pregnancy test dear. so get a upt done if its positive you can still take medicine and get it done. also dear if you do not wish to get pregnant then you should consider using a contraceptive method like condoms and if you dont want to use them then there are copper t , mirena that can be inserted and will give contraception for almost 3-5 years. for this you can consult with your doctor about this. take care dear.
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    Sirisha Satyanarayana Dasari92 days ago

    After intercourse i took pill with in 48 hours

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Question: Hi i took pregnancy test 2 days before its ahowing one line only... still didint get my periods.. is there any chance to get pregnancy??
Answer: Hi! You should take a test ideally after 6-7 days of missing period. Whats your LMP?
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Question: is any chance is there for bleeding in 5th week of pregnancy
Answer: Yes sometimes bleeding or spotting happened even in healthy pregnancies Consult your doctor immediately
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Question: Im in 22 nd week of pregnancy, still im having low lying placenta(little marginal). Is there any chance for placenta to go up? Upto how many months there is chance for placenta to go up?
Answer: Hi,after 22nd week of pregnancy it is difficult for the Placenta to be pushed up therefore if in the 22nd week offs can also it shows low lying placenta the condition is called as Placenta previa in that case you should be very careful you should take precautions you should avoid bending down lifting anything heavy or doing strenuous activity is it is advisable to take good rest to avoid the complications like bleeding
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Question: Is there chance of pregnancy without any symptoms...i just missed my one week of period
Answer: Hi dear, Please take a pregnancy test now.since already a week,your hormones might have risen enough to show positive result.pregnancy symptoms vary person to person.my symptoms only started at 9th week.
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