29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm in my 7th month . What kind of exercise I can do ?

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Answer: Congratulations for motherhood dear if there s no complication as low lying placenta, bleeding or pain or short cervix then u can do exercises as u can do alom vilom, suryanamashkar, cat pose ,tree pose nd triangle pose its safe .nd u can go 4 walk its also safe
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    kousar khan9 days ago

    Me ak question krna chati hn mara scan huya us me likha aya signal alive fetus poreech at present r placenta posterior aya r liquor appears adaquale aya iska kia mtlb he kia is se baby, sex pta nh chlta?

Answer: Walking and butterfly exercise
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Question: What can I do for normal pregnancy..? What kind of exercise can I prefer..?
Answer: Dear walking for 1 hour in a day is the easiest and gentlest way for normal delivery, walking tones the right muscles and also promotes a good positioning of baby for a normal delivery.gentle brisk walks are something you can do until birth, as long as there are no pregnancy complication.yoga also helps lengthen pelvic floor muscles and ease discomfort, deep squat also relax and strengthen pelvic floor muscles.these all you can do if your pregnancy is normal till now without any complications.take care and all the best
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Question: What kind of exercise i will do fir normal delivery plz suggest ??
Answer: Now you should do butterfly exercise anulom vilom walk. Do your house hold work this is best exercise . Do not sit at one place for longer time. Keep change your position . If in last scan baby will do head down than normal delivery happen.
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Question: Iam 14 week pregnant mother ...can I do exercise.....if i can do then what kind of exercise I can follow
Answer: Yes you can if your doctor told you so. First you should ask your doctor. If there is no problem you can definitely go with exercises.
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