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Question: Im in my 5th. I'm feeling too much of urination frequently. Is tat normal

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Answer: Hello, I'm happy to help. The extra blood flow, makes your kidney produce more urine. This urine production peaks at 9 to 16 weeks, then it would settle down gradually. Other reason might be due to the pressure on the  bladder, from the growing uterus. Take care.
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Question: I am feeling stiffness in stomach and frequently going for urination...is it normal in my 36 week??
Answer: Do not worry because in pregnancy under hormonal influence your kidney's have to produce more urine soon after you conceive because after conception your blood flow increases and there is an extra volume in your body that needs to be maintained in circulated hence your urine production increases after 7th week of pregnancy . It lasts upto 16th week until and later the same thing continues in third trimester you will feel more urgency to urinate because of the increased uterus size that will pressurize your bladder and you will pass urine every hour. Do not think of restricting your fluid intake if at all you think drinking less water will cause you less urination as you might make yourself prone to complications. Drink at least 3 litre of water daily.Also include coconut water twice a day to maintain a healthy baby weight. Aways consult your gynecologist if you see redness or feel itching while urinating because that can be a sign of infection to avoid infection you must drink more water and eat more watery fruits such as watermelon, lemon juice etc
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Question: Hello...im in second month of pregnancy...bt now im feeling symptoms of monthly cycle...is tat normal
Answer: Hello Stomach pain cramps back aches are all normal during pregnancy it's due to ur baby Growing taking up all the space wch creates lots of pressure on ur stomach it's the reason u feel the cramps or tight feeling. The uterus also puts pressure on ur pelvis and vaginal muscles is the reason u get back pains or cramps. Some women also get pain in their legs. The growing uterus puts alot of pressure on ur bladder as well that's the reason for ur frequent bathroom visits. U can use cold or hot compress. Use pillow between ur legs and behind ur back while sleeping. Take a warm bath. Massage lightly with coconut oil or olive oil. !
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Question: Frequently urination is normal?
Answer: Yupp... The growing uterus exerts pressure on the bladder.. so that is normal... But also be precautious about your gestational diabetes...
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