33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii im in 8th mnth of pregnancy can i have junnu (colostrum of cow given birth to calf) pls rpy me my elders are not allowing to have but im craving for it

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Answer: As per my knowledge u should not have it during pregnancy... It produces too much heat inside the body which is not safe for the baby
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Question: Why there are so many restrictions in 8th month of pregnancy, family is so worried, they dont even allowing me to go for wedding, can someone plz explain
Answer: hi dear 8 & 9 month is cru ial time for the pregnancy you need to take more rest during this period so don't try to don't overexcert yourself.and cause risks fir the baby. this is only restriction dear
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Question: Can i have roofza or sharbat in pregnancy? Im craving for chilled roofza.
Answer: hi dear once in awhile you can have sharbat but be careful not to drink too much cold items during pregnancy you can catch cold. sharbat can cool your body and also make you feel energetic
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Question: Can we have junnu made of colostrum of cow milk during pregnancy...
Answer: Hello! It is something which might have lots of benefits but is always better to confirm it from doctor before consuming it. Take care
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