10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Im in 10th week. I usually pray islamic prayers. Recently my relatives told me that bending and stretching can harm the baby,so you pray in chair. Im not comfortable with that. Is this really harm form my baby??

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Answer: Hi.. Not at all Infact it's very good to be active during pregnancy
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Question: Hi im in my 10th week of pregnancy i wont to terminate my pregnancy recently i lost my father im unable to get out from that pain is it safe to terminate my pregnancy at this time
Answer: Madam pls don't terminate your pregnancy. Few Lucky people get pregnant nowadays others are doing treatment, pray God, shed tears day and night just to get pregnant. I understand you have lost your father but what is that baby's fault which is in your womb? It is your baby don't take it's life away. Think your father has taken birth once again as your baby. Pls don't take such decisions you will repent later. It is god's gift don't deny it. Every time everything will not work in our favour what if you don't get pregnant once again? Nothing is in our hand.
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Question: Hi, im in the 39th week of pregnancy. Doctor told that the baby head is not turned. Is there any possibilities to make the head position to down? This is the first baby
Answer: Dear if the baby hasn't turned till now tjen based on my personal experience it is not gonna take the head down position now as there is not much time left. Even my daughter did not come head down and I tried my level best by doing as much exercises recommended by doctor like kegels, pelvoc stretch, squats and used to walk for 2 hours but still nothing happened. So try all these if it happens then it is great and if not then u may have to opt for cesarian. Hope i helped.
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Question: Hii I usually lie on my right side im not comfortable with my left side does this lead me to miscarriage plse help ???
Answer: No dear...you can lie on any side but left side is more preferable .
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