10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Im in 10th week and 7 days when ll the babe be delivered???

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Answer: After 39 weeks dear
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    Vidya S1097 days ago

    Thanku dear

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Question: Im diabetic pateint. Now am in 10th week. Pls let me know the do's and dont's
Answer: Hello Gestational diabetes can come at any stage of the pregnancy. It's a high sugar condition that develops during pregnancy and disappears after giving birth. Avoid eating too many carbohydrates at one point. Have a balenced diet with proteins fats and carbohydrates. Do not skip meals. Avoid sugary food like cakes biscuits sweets etc avoid alot of starchy food like rice potatoes etc keep ur self hydrated and exercise.
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Question: When ll be the gestone stop in icsi treatment
Answer: You will need to take hormonal injections after an icsi treatment bcoz the same environment as a normal pregnancy will not be created to create this environment and provide a safe and healthy womb you will need to take this untill your baby is healthy enough to sustain itself.
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Question: When does the babe heart formation will be visible in scanning
Answer: Hi friend The baby's heart can be formed from the sixth week onwards in the ultrasound the maximum the doctors wait for 10 weeks not be on that. Take care
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