33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm having sharp pain in my pelvic area during sitting and standing. Is this normal?? Please help

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Answer: hi, pain could occur due to ligaments supporting the uterus getting stretched by the weight of growing uterus. this pain could be felt around pelvic area.if the pain gets severe or persistent, or if you get vaginal discharge unusual, or fever,dizziness.contact your doctor
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Question: I'm 35 weeks pregnant and having pain in pelvic area while walking, standing up and sitting.. What does this mean.
Answer: Hello dear, First times, this usually happens by the 36th week. In others it may happen as late as in labour. The baby’s head is now fixed and its movement may seem reduced. Instead of active movement of the whole body, you may just experience the movements of the legs and perhaps the arms. The head which is fixed in the pelvis, may press on the urinary bladder and this may lead to difficulty in urination or increase frequency of urination. You may have noticed an increase in the discharge through your vagina. This is OK as long as it is colourless and sticky. Watery / blood stained or discharge of blood has to be reported to your doctor immediately. Take care...
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Question: I'm having pain in pelvic area bones..is it normal?
Answer: Hi dear,It is normal to run of the mill pelvic discomfort during pregnancy, try these tips. Take a warm bath or stand in the shower and let the water hit your back. Try a pelvic support garment, which can keep the uterus from pushing down on your pelvis. Wear low-heeled shoes with good arch support. Try to avoid quick movements and sharp turns at the waist. Get a prenatal massage. Exercise regularly as it could help prevent pain in the first place
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Question: I am having sharp pain in pelvic area while sitting,standing n walkinh.21 weeks preganant.is this normal
Answer: Body aches are a very common complaint in pregnancy, whether it's affecting a specific area, such as pelvic pressure, or just general discomfort. The aches are usually just a sign that your body is preparing for childbirth. Of course, other illnesses like the flu can cause body aches too. Keep your weight gain under control with proper diet and exercise. Avoid taking pain relievers unless necessary; instead, use a heating pad on your back to relieve pain. Special exercisesto strengthen abdominal muscles can also help reduce backache. Try apregnancy girdle or elastic sling tosupport your abdomen. I WOULD SUGGEST IF THE PAIN IS UNBEARABLE PLEASE CONSULT UR GYNAE IN THAT CASE.
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