23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Im having mild pain and sensitive breasts.. why is this?? What is the solution?? How long it will be like this??

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Answer: Hi,this is normal, ur breasts are preparing for ur baby's milk. Just massage with ur hand's wrist clockwise and anticlockwise and this will give u releif from pain.
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Question: Why this Proluton depot 250mg injection is suggested and how long it can be taken????
Answer: hi dear! Just to update you that Proluton, Susten and Duphastone all are progesterone which are given to support pregnancy. In any case of untoward event or crisis these progesterone help in sustaining pregnancy. so this is taken every 7 days for atleast 3-4 weeks then it depends on the doctor dear. take care dear! i hope this information is helpful to you!
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Question: Why upper and middle back pain will come ....what is the solution for that pls advice.... I will be resting always but pain will be there
Answer: Hi dear, the pregnancy hormones that loosened your ligaments and joints in preparation for childbirth are the reason for your back pain. In addition to that, you are most likely suffering from strained back and abdominal muscles from pushing in the delivery room or pain from a C-section. It can also due to lack of calcium and iron. Only taking rest will not give you relief. Your physical therapist can teach you the right exercises and start taking hot compression in back. Both will be effective in back pain. You can prescribe iron and calcium tablets from your doctor.
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Question: I am having pain in breasts,why it happens and when will it stop?
Answer: Hello dear. Breast pain during pregnancy is quite common, due to harmonal changes. You can use hot or cold compresses on your breasts. Wear a firm support bra. Cover breasts with warm, wet towel for 10-15 minutes. The warmth increases blood circulation, reducing swelling and tenderness. Take care.
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