25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm having little pain in abdomen if I stand or walk. Is it normal?

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Answer: Well, sometime when you get up suddenly your abdomen gets contractions and this pain stays for a day you should be gentle when you get up frm bed or chair. But stomach pains or cramps are common in pregnancy and usually nothing to worry about. Mild stomach pain is usually caused by your womb expanding, the ligaments stretching as your bump grows, hormones constipation or trapped wind. Drink more water and stay hydrated take care.
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Question: I'm 15 week pregnant from Mrng I'm having back Pain and little abdomen pain... Is it normal or any prblm....
Answer: Hello dear. During pregnancy, your body makes a hormone called relaxin that allows ligaments in the pelvic area to relax and the joints to become looser in preparation for the birth process. The same hormone can cause ligaments that support the spine to loosen, leading to instability and pain. Here are a few tips that might relieve you from back pain : Ice or heat packs. Sleep on your left side, and use a support pillow under your knees. If these dosent help, please consult your gynecologist for further treatment. Some abdominal pain during pregnancy is normal: After all, your organs are constantly shifting, your uterus is expanding, and your ligaments are stretching. However if the pain is severe and unbearable, you'll have to contact your gynecologist immediately. Few of the remedies are : Sit down, put your feet up, and relax. Resting comfortably should relieve your symptoms. A hot water bottle or heating pad might help. Drink lots of liquids. When you do feel a pain, bend towards the pain to relieve it. Take care.
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Question: I am 11 week pregnant..I'm having little pain in my lower abdomen in the middle...is it normal?
Answer: Hello! Mild pain in abdomen is normal during pregnancy. It typically occurs when the uterus expands, causing the ligaments and muscles that support it to stretch. It may be more noticeable when you sneeze, cough, or change positions. During the second trimester, a common cause of cramping is round ligamentpain. Try to sit, lie down or change positions. Soak in a warm bath. Try doing relaxation exercises. Place a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel on the ache. Make sure you get plenty of fluids.
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Question: I'm having sharp pain in lower abdomen ,is it normal or should I go ti Dr.?
Answer: Consult Ur gynaecologist. If u r getting back pain or lower abdomen pain or bleeding or water discharge or less baby movements or vaginal pain, consult immediately.
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