6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm having liquid white discharge frequently. Is there any problem?

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Answer: During pregnancy white discharge is normal . It prevent your vagina from Any infection . This is normal .
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Question: i am having white discharge with little smell.but it is colour less...so is there anything to worry?
Answer: Dear its vaginal discharge Its called leukorrhea, is thin and clear or white and has only a mild odor.its reduce the risk of vaginal and uterine infections.so dont worry its normal ..Wear light pads or panty liners to absorb the dischargeif the wetness makes you feel uncomfortable. ...Wear cotton underwear that allows your skin to breathe.Change your underwear at least 2-3 times a day.take plenty of liquids nd water .take care .
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Question: There is some sticky liquid at her vagina after urination. Is there any problem?
Answer: Its happens dear dont worry it's normal even my baby have the same thing just clean with warm water only
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Question: I am having problem of white discharge.. is it normal or a reason to worry..
Answer: No need to worry of there is no smell or itching in discharge
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