36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: im having gct sugar level 153. Doctor said tat my sugar level is slightly elevated.. how to control my blood sugar level. can any one please suggest.

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Answer: Hi Gestational diabetes can occur any stage of the pregnancy. So u have to follow a good diet so ur baby and you are not affected by it. You should eat less sugary stuff like biscuits cakes icecream etc. Try having small meals throughout the day so ur calories are distributed all over the day wch makes it easy to reduce ur sugar levels try eating more complex carbohydrate and lean proteins like chicken fish etc. Limit food containing lots of starch like potatoes rice etc avoid fruits like mangoes or jackfruit that spike ur sugar levels. Include avocado or butter fruit apples pears peaches. Eat whole grains.
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Question: My gct test result is 147.doctor told to control sugar.which type of food is safe and can reduce blood sugar level
Answer: Lemon water is good. Drink plenty of water to reduce sugar level in blood. Have more vegetables than fruits..So you get enough vitamins and sugar also..DO NOT STARVE.. BY doing these you can control sugar. These all I did to control sugar. Please mark my answer helpful if it helped you...
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Question: Im 33weeks nd I have my blood sugar level as 100 with fasting.... Is tat high?.... And wat shd do to have my sugar level under control?
Answer: Ur sugarlevel is little high dr better reduce white sugar level
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Question: My blood sugar level is 196after GCT test....is it high...how to control
Answer: Hllo dear u r 26 weeks pregnant dear below 95 mg/dl before meals, 180 mg/dl an hour after a meal, or 140 mg/dl two hours after a meal. Ur blood sugar level s high as 196 . A blood sugar level of 140 mg/dL or higher might indicate gestational diabetes.so dear consult to ur gyno nd take medicine or insulin which she prescribes u nd u should take healthy diet as Eat variety of food,distributing calories nd carbohydrates evenly throughout the day.Dont skip meals.take breakfast in 9 to 10 am after take fruits juices .after 2 hours gap take lunch and again milk in evening after that take snacks nd a healthy dinner..take healthy bf includes high fiber food such as fresh fruits vegetables whole grain bread nd cereals nd dried peas beans. Go 4 walk daily nd do exercise nd Cumin water stimulates the insulin production in the body, which helps keep the blood sugar levels in check. Jeera water is good for patients suffering from diabetes. You can drink it on an empty stomach to reduce blood sugar levels."Cumin water stimulates the insulin production in the body, which helps keep the blood sugar levels in check.try it
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