37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Im getting lot of side back pains during night times and im not at all able to sleep.

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Answer: Hello dear. Try keeping your legs bend and keep a pillow between your legs. This should make it comfortable for you to sleep. For me it really helpd. Hope. It helps.
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Question: Hi I'm 10 weeks pregnant and I'm not at all able to sleep in night not even during afternoon.
Answer: 1.meditation and yoga. 2. Warm water bath before bed. 3. Warm milk before bed . 4. Fenugreek seeds. 5. Chamomile tea 6. Eat bananas
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Question: Is it ok to sleep on back???im not able to sleep in side position
Answer: when you lie on your back the pressure from your baby and uterus could press your vena cava (a vein that moves blood from your lower half to your heart) and could result in dizziness, blood pressure changes, or a possible blood flow reduction to your uterus. Its ok to back sleep in your first trimester but once things start to grow change it up. Its best to get into those habits sooner than later
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Question: I'm 9 week pregnant and unable to sleep in the night properly and gets up middle of night and not able to go back to sleep easy and feels nervous at times ? Please advise on this.
Answer: Try to speak wit baby n hv gods name Count from 100 to 1 in mind Beleive me u wil nt reach upto 1 n wil sleep calm
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