36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Im feeling uneasiness since last night i just want to cry alot what should i do please tell me

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Answer: It is Harmon change during pregnancy do not worry dear some times it happen.
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Question: My babys are just 22days she cry evry night what should i do???
Answer: Hi check whether baby is full and also check if baby is having colic or suffering from nose block or hunger as these reasons may affect baby sleep and also maintain the room temperature warm. And feed baby every two hourly even during night Take care
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Question: Me feeling headache also since last night what to do
Answer: If your headache was brought on by a trigger, try to find techniques that can help to prevent them. Depending on the trigger, you may find some of the following helpful:  Make time to rest, and try to stay relaxed. At work, find somewhere to put your feet up and relax during your lunch break. Once you’re home, try to cut down on chores. Relaxation techniques such as yoga ormeditation may also help.Try to have a regular sleep pattern. Getting too little sleep, or even half an hour more sleep than usual, can trigger migraines or headaches. If you’re suffering from insomnia, try a natural remedy.If your headaches are related to muscle tension or posture, you could see a physiotherapist. A physiotherapist can massage and move parts of your body to relieve pressure, and show you exercises to do at home.Eat little and often to keep low blood sugar levels up, and don’t skip meals.Exercise regularly, but don’t push yourself. Keeping fitmay reduce how often and how severely you have headaches. Exercise helps to balance your blood sugar levels and improves your breathing. It also triggers your body to release feel-good chemicals, called endorphins.Try acupuncture. It's a treatment that's considered safe and may help your headaches.
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Question: Feeling feverish and bodyache since last night...what should i do??
Answer: Contact your doctor if your fever does not improve within 24 to 36 hours immediately if you are experience a fever above 100.4 F. simple fever need no concern . you can manage it with simple tips.  Some tips to get rid from normal feve. @Take a lukewarm water bath. Bath will reduce the heat and help to reduce fever. @Place a cool , wet clothe over your forehead. @Drink lots of fluids and keep your body well hydrate. @ Take plenty of rest. Stay on bed and avoid excessive stress and activity. @ if you are feeling dizziness then lie down and avoid moving. @ wear light clothes and avoid over dressing. Over dressing increase the body heat. Contact your doctor if your fever do not improve within 24 hours.
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