Question: Im feeling only movement no kicks is it fine?

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Answer: Yes it's fyn.. Coz ur room S full wt bby.. So u shld count d movements
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Question: Am 30weeks pregnant Am not feeling bby kicks like before It is kicking and moving but not like before Is it fine? What's the reason ? Is baby is taking its labor position?
Answer: If you are not taking proper foods than only you can feel less moment . Now you can take a handful of dry fruits . Eat at every 2-3 hr .
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Question: Plz respond to my question am not feeling baby kicks at all am feeling moments and twists only is it normal.
Answer: Yes its completly normal,, no need to worry,, baby Jst start moving around more ND less kicks are common after 30 weeks
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Question: Im feeling pain my my it ok?
Answer: Hi, Don't worry dear. It's a common pregnancy symptom. It will go automatically after few weeks.
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