38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: im feeling like baby has dropped.. what is the time between dropping and delivery..

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Answer: it could be anytime between now and your edd.
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Question: Is thete any difference between Cephalic position and baby dropping
Answer: hi%20dear%20!%0Aso%20dear%20cephalic%20position%20its%20the%20position%20of%20the%20baby%20inside%20the%20uterus%20which%20is%20in%20head%20down.%20%0Aand%20baby%20dropping%20means%20that%20the%20baby%20has%20come%20down%20from%20its%20position%20and%20this%20happens%20later%20in%20the%20pregnancy%20inorder%20to%20prepare%20the%20baby%20for%20the%20delivery%20as%20it%20will%20approach%20after%20few%20weeks.%0Atake%20care%20dear!%0Ai%20hope%20this%20information%20was%20helpful%20to%20you!
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Question: is baby dropping and belly dropping differnt?? bcoz my belly is small and i cant tell if my belly has dropped..but my baby's head is fixed
Answer: Hi Dear! Belly drops when baby drops, the belly looks a little downward and its understood at an advanced stage if baby's head is fixed then definitely baby has dropped in the birth canal, dont worry the size of bump depends a lot on the body built.. Hope this helps!
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Question: 37 weeks and 6 days pregnant as per doctor baby is in cephalic and dropping so will the delivery be fast what is the Appropriate time for delivery
Answer: Hello! It is difficult to tell when the deli willing happen. For every women it is different. Hence,it is difficult to say. Still 2 weeks is the time limit, you c consider.
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