20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Im facing cervix problem and doctor suggested for cervix stitches....im 19th week 5days.... please tell how risky it is and painful it is ?

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Answer: Not so not very painfully do not worry You will be anaesthetized depending upon if the pain is very unbearable for you. Do. Not worry. It is very important to get cerclge suture in 20 weeks to prevent cervix from opening up prematurely. Take care. It will prevent further risks of preterm birth.
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    vivekanand kulkarni1061 days ago

    Thank you for response.... How many months need to take bed rest and is any impact on baby growth and any chance of opening again ? Normal delivery will be possible after cervix stitches and when this stiching will remove

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Answer: Stiches is compulsory if your uterus mouth is open...and after stiches doctor suggested strictly bed rest until delivery due to preterm delivery or early miscaariage.
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