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Question: Im entering into my 3rd trimester bp range os 87/55 is it low blood pressure

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Answer: Yes dear This is very low. If u have low Bp in pregnancy then u have to follow following: 1. avoid getting up quickly from seated or lying positions 2. try not to stand for long periods of time 3. eat small meals throughout the day 4. don’t take very hot baths or showers 5. drink more water 6. wear loose clothing
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Question: Causes for low blood pressure im suffering frm low bp how it can be cured
Answer: Hello dear... Dear in pregnancy,low blood pressure is normal, happens due to expanding blood circulation,harmonal changes,dilation of blood vessels, it is essential to maintain a stable value of blood pressure to have a smooth delivery Precautions for low blood pressure When you have low blood pressure,it is advisable to do things slowly, for example if you waking up in morning don't rush to get up from bed,get up slowly and always don't do any activities in hurry,it is advisable to stay calm and steady During low blood pressure,it is essential to drink more water,can include water in the form of buttermilk,fresh juice,soup.,if you stay hydrated throughout the day will help you to maintain healthy blood sugar value If you have low blood pressure, doctors usually recommend to take more salt,but this too not a good practice,so if you increasing your salt content,it is essential to take advice from doctor to know the exact amount It is recommended to have five to six small meals rather than eating full meals,it is essential to have more fruits and vegetables,will also help a lot If you have low blood pressure,it is advisable to wear loose cloth, don't wear heavy,tight clothes it may cause dizziness ‌Follow these tips,hope it might be helpful for you
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Question: What is the normal BP range during 3rd trimester?
Answer: The average blood pressure range if you're healthy is between 110/70 and 120/80, although this varies a lot in pregnancy. a normal blood pressure reading is below 120/80, although some doctors prefer to see readings lower than 115/ 75. Pre hypertension occurs when the blood pressure reading is between 121/80 and 139/ 89. High blood pressure is defined as anything above 140/90.
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Question: I am in my second trimester. When i checked my blood pressure this morning it reads 127/87 and heart beat 97. Is it normal?
Answer: Hi,it is on the higher side slightly,you should consultation.yoir Dr as you may need to take meds either in the morning. Also you should avoid salty food and food that has preservatives and processed food. Have plain nuts instead.if salty nuts
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