39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: im decided agiddu agli anta

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Answer: 9month bandru ful small
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Question: Naku twaraga delivery kavali anta ela
Answer: Hello dear, I dont know this language we have support in this application where you can ask queries in your language in regional chat group where moms will definetly help. If you can ask in english i will surely help right away. sorry about that.
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Question: Madam ma babu kopam tagali anta
Answer: Hello dear... Asalu kopam endhuku vostundho observe cheyyandi.. maree gaaram chesthunaaremo tagginchandi.. ilaane Continue iethe problem avtundi. adigina ventane Anni ivvakandi, babu ki avasaram.. panikostundhi Ani meeku anipisthene ivvandi.. Pillalni discipline lo vunchaali ante Konni sarlu manam kuda strict ga vundaali tappadhu Andi.. Avasaram iethe mandalinchaali.. mokkai vongakapothe maanai vongadhu antaaru pedhalu. So pillalu ga vunappude discipline neepinchaali. Mee baabu ki theliyakunda valla teachers ki kuda cheppandi.. ekkuva sepu school lo vuntaaru kabatti teachers control chestaaru.. intlo kuda meeru koncham strict ga vundatam start cheyyandi.. Konni rojulu ibbandipadina tarvaata antha baaguntndi.. All the best..
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Question: Baby weight aguto ilvo anta bhaya nange
Answer: Congratulations for your pregnancy, I can understand ur anxious about baby weight inside womb, taking healthy diet with proper excersise will definitely increase the size of baby.
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