2 months old baby

Question: Im already a dark skin person. But after delivery i became more dark.. How can become fair..😔

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Answer: Hi. Aplly home made face pack. Like take besan, termeric and lemon apply it on face let it dry and wash.
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Question: Will my complexion return back after delivery...?..Im a fair person but getting darker day by day....
Answer: Changes in complexion, discoloration of skin and getting acne are very common in pregnancy and hormonal changes is mainly responsible behind such problem. Yes mostly you will be like before after delivery. But you have to take care of yourself properly and have to maintain your skin on regular basis to get your actual colour back. Don't worry.
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Question: Helow.... My skin become dark.. My actual color is very fair.... But my face become very dark with neck... Wt to do. Will it be OK after delivery
Answer: Hi yes it will be fine. It do happens to few women during pregnancy. U can make a mix of lime juice and honey. Apply it in affected area. Wear sunscreen if going out in sun.
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Question: at time of birth my baby had a soft and fair skin but after 9 months his skin colour gets dark not so much but dark, know how can get my baby again fair skin........
Answer: Scrub your baby’s skin with a mixture of bread and milk before bathing. Milk will restore the moisture in skin whereas bread act as natural exfoliatiant.
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