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Question: I'm a mother to a 2 month baby.Can u advise mewhat food should I eat for gud breast milk and ideas to lose weight in terms.

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Answer: Have 5-6 small meals rather than 3 large meals; having complex carboydrates rich in fiber like oats, daliya, bajra, rai, jowar, wholewheat, quinoa, fruits & vegetables and avoiding simple carbs like maida & bakery products. Having good quality protein through fish, chicken, eggs, dairy products (preferably from cow), soy & pulses and consuming fats in moderation through walnuts, almonds, chia seeds, flaxseeds, using 3 tsp of cooking oil throghout the day and avoiding fried, greasy, oily, junk food and high fat desserts. it's important to exercise while trying to lose weight to ensure you're losing fat instead of muscle. Once you impart these lifestyle changes you will definitely be healthy & lose excess fat.There are some galactogogues foods which will induce and help in lactation like Ragi, Fenugreek, Fennel ,cumin, dark green leafy vegetable.Give warm compresses to breast to increase lactation. Enough rest and relaxation also plays and important role in milk secretion
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    ANKITA SRIVASTAVA838 days ago

    You can also add onion seeds in your meals.. my mother has suggested me its good to increase milk.

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    N Jain745 days ago

    You can also add lactare powder

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    FARISHA KANNIYAN531 days ago

    U should take at least 3 litres of water per day...and make sure that u r getting adequate sleep,at least 8 hrs...muringa leaf is best for increasing milk

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    Monika Thadani516 days ago

    How to take muringa leaf? And does it cause loosemotions?

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    ravisetti ramadevi380 days ago

    Feed your baby frequently then u will automatically loss weight

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    SWETA S154 days ago

    Eat ground nut

Answer: Eat lots of ghee, drink 1ltr milk, jeera water or bhuna jeera powder with warm water and most important feed your baby frequently, more you feed more milk will produce, this process activate our brain and hormones to work for.. You can have masoor dal n beetroot also. It's my personal experience. I'm a mother of 45 days old baby.
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    Swati Pagariya850 days ago

    Breast feeding itself consume 500 calories and if you want good quantity of milk then don't try to reduce weight only do some exercise

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    shalini anand364 days ago

    How to prepare jeera water ??

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    shalini anand364 days ago

    Plz tell how to prepare jeera water.. someone told to me that jeera has cool tendency so is it fine to drink in this rainy weather?? Plz help

Answer: Start eating foxnuts, taking jeera powder in your food, eat 7-8 soaked almonds with milk These all will help you in increasing breast milk. Avoid eating junk foods as it will be very unhealthy for you & your baby. Do household chores actively It will help you in losing weight.
Answer: Drink white sesame seeds juice add garlic to your diet, green leafy vegetables, boil some suji in milk nd drink , you can add sataverex powder to milk to increase breastmilk. Avoid baked , oily food add healthy vegetables and fruits. Eat soaked almond early morning
Answer: Have oats daily. It will increase breast milk and won't gain weight. Reduce carbohydrates in your diet. Instead increase protein foods. Egg white, legumes, soya beans, drumsticks are very good in this stage.
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    Madhu Mahesh801 days ago

    Which oats v shud take

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    Rihana Ismail665 days ago

    Which oats is good

Answer: Yes u should start eating laddus of made up of dry fruits and fenugreek. It will not only increase milk but will give u 💪 strength too. Take khir and shatavari with milk. Breast massage with hot water
Answer: Hey dear,u can include moringa leaves , ajwain,Fenugreek seeds in ur daily diet which helped me to increase bm.also u can make concotions out of it. Also firstly, believe in urselves and take stress.
Answer: I m a mother of 40 days old baby..I m suffering from constipation and when I m passing stools there comes also blood I have severe pain and I m not able to sit down...
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    heena bansal46 days ago

    Do sit baths twice ..have plenty of water and fibre in form of salad , vegetables n fruits n yeah curd will help

Answer: Eat daliya, papaya. Include atleast 1/2 litre milk in your diet for everyday. It will increase your milk production.
Answer: Small n best tip is 2 eat milk bread vth milk within 24hrs u can get more milk. Well am doing that
Answer: Try to take in plenty of fluids and also add 2 Egg's with your meal ,avoid oily & spicy food
Answer: U cant do both if u stop breast milk then only u will lose ur weight use lactare capsules
Answer: Eat boil papaya ,milk with sago, satavari increases milk n quality of
Answer: Take jeera and ajwain water. Jeera do wonders in terms of breast milk supply
Answer: Almond, mutton leg soup, drumstick leaves soup, fenugreek water, bottlegroud
Answer: Take til ki chatni raw papaya curry leaft chatni it is good for breasts milk
Answer: You can have papaya ,white jeera and gudh, will really help you
Answer: fenugreek seeds, Almond, water, feed every 2 hours tat Wil also help u
Answer: I drink milk wirh bread.. you can also have panjere (dryfruits laddu)..
Answer: Eat jeera rice methi rice adding jaggary .. It will produce milk
Answer: Fish,garlic,meat,egg,almonds,milk
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