16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: im a first time pregnant mom and i have been getting delicate fluttery baby movements since i was 14 weeks.is that too early for first timer..is it normal..?im pretty sure those are my baby's movements.

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Answer: Hello What u r experiencing is called quickening. Tiny movements by the baby it is completely normal. Quickening starts as early as 14 weeks or late as 20 weeks. Enjoy this bit it's the most beautiful part of ur pregnancy
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    Dr Gopika Aravind1190 days ago

    I know its my quickening..but is it normal to feel it this early for a first time mom??

Answer: Yes those are baby's movement... I felt same...
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Question: I have been experiencing my baby movements since 10 days correctly...I experienced some strong kicks too...but since 2 days Iam not feeling strong kicks and baby movements are slow..do I need to go for a check up
Answer: Baby would have changed its position... If u hav any doubts first have something sweet and lie on ur left. U will feel movements. If not go to doc
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Question: hi, is it normal to feel baby's movements in 15th week? since this is my first pregnancy, I am not sure that what I am feeling is baby's movements or anything else kindly help
Answer: It could be a gas even.. Just stay calm and maybe in the coming weeks feeling will be more clear
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Question: I am sort of very sure that the fluttery feeling in my lower abdomen are baby movements. But today it has been happening a lot. Is it ok?? I can differentiate between gas and these movements I think.
Answer: Hi dear. Congratulations It's absolutely alright Nothing to worry about dear. Hope this helps!
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