24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Im 6th month pregnant but my tummy is too small...is this meanx my baby is weak or anythg else plz help itz my first baby

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Question: Hi mam im 5th month pregnant my tummy is too small its safe for baby
Answer: Hello dear. All pregnancy bumps are different, if this is your first pregnancy, if your abdominal muscles have never been stretched before by pregnancy, your muscles will tend to be quite toned and tight. Depending on the position your baby is in, your belly may at times look smaller. It is nothing to do with size of the babies, don't worry. Take care.
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Question: Im 4th month pregnant mu tummy is too small but my scanning reports was normal is it ok
Answer: Hi dear, Every pregnancy is different and based on the body type baby bump is visible.if it is your first pregnancy,it would show even later.as the uterus muscles are tight and toned.aa long as your scans are normal,donot worry about the baby bump. It does not determine the growth of the baby inside.continue to eat healthy and stay active.
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Question: I'm 19weeks pregnant.. But my tummy is too small.. Plz what is d problem .. Any suggestions
Answer: Dear no need to worry as I was also worried about my tummy size when I was 19,20 weeks pregnant . My tummy started growing at the end of 7th month. Dr said its completely normal.just check your baby's growth and weight in your next sonography. U will definitely feel relaxed. Just stay happy n eat healthy. 😊
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