25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm 6months pregnant. Can i take soaked almonds 5-6 in quantity and sprouts? These are good for pregnancy??

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Answer: Hi. Yes they are good and you can have it. But since its summer have almonds 2-4. And dont have simple soaked sprouts cook it little or fry it a bit. Because bacteria in raw sprouts are bit harmfull.
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Question: Are soaked almonds good for pregnancy?
Answer: Hello dear... Yes you can have soaked almonds daily, Almonds are rich in protein,iron ,vitamin E and riboflavin which helps in overall development of both mother and baby,it helps in major role in brain development of baby,it also increases blood count and prevents from anemia,nuts are usually healthy sources of essential fats during pregnancy,and almonds also provide for heart burn,which is quite common in pregnancy,when consumed regularly
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Question: Can i eat soaked almonds in pregnancy?
Answer: It is best food in pregnancy.y u didn't started yet.soak 5 in the mrng ,5 in evng .Walnuts are good more than almonds.u can have both
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Question: Can i eat 5-6 soaked almonds in early morning
Answer: Yes.. U can.. Have it regularly.. Its gud for u Nd ur baby
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