4 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm 5th pregnancy ,I am feeling tired and I m getting body pains. Why this? I don't know can u plz tell me

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Answer: It is common...wat healthy and take rest as much as u can..in whole 1st Trimister Its good for baby
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Question: I got my period within 15 days and in black discharge, can I know why I'm getting like this?
Answer: Definitely it indicate hormonal imbalance because period within 15 days is not normal. If this is the first time then wait for another month and if this repeat again after 15 days you have to consult doctor. Don't take unnecessary physical stress and for now maintain light healthy diet and keep yourself active. Hope it helps.
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Question: I am feeling nausea, tired, and moody, is this a sign of pregnancy? Can I confirm pregnancy without even testing?
Answer: Hi dear.Pregnancy test is important for confirming pregnancy because after that you can take care of your diet and health properly as there will be no confusion.
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Question: Hii I'm getting full body pains I don't know what to do
Answer: Body pain and tired is very common take rest and have fruits and fresh juice avoid too much walking
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