19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Im 5 month (strating)pregnant.how many times can I feel the baby movement .sometimes Iam expecting the movement from bby.but I cant feel regularly.is this good r bad

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Answer: Actually it is quite early to feel baby movement but it's great if you already started getting fetal movements. It's not possible to get frequent baby movement at 19 weeks so don't worry. After 24 weeks till 34 weeks you will get frequent baby movement which we have to monitor and count.
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Question: In how many weeks can I feel the baby movement? This my first baby
Answer: Usually around 20 weeks. You'll feel your baby's movement anytime now.
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Question: How was the movement of baby in 24 weeks.... Im just feel the vibration only... I cant see the movement...
Answer: At 26th you will feel little movements and as weeks increases the movements becomes more active at this phase the vibrations are normal
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Question: Am 19 week pregnant but still i cant baby movement plz tell what i can do .. sometimes i feel filtering ,but from 2or 3 days i cant feel
Answer: Hii,congratulations for your pregnancy..generally we find baby movements between 22-28 weeks.si every
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