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Question: im 42 days pregnent but doctor said that she cant find a baby in vaginal scan im scared but my card is positive

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Answer: Sorry I don't want to scare u but it can be I m not sure it can be ectopic pregnancy where the fetus( the better word would be sac ) is attached in ur fallopian tube.thats y ur Dr is not able to see the baby. I guess ur Dr might have called you for scan after few days to confirm.
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Question: Doctor said she cant see baby in uteres till now why ia that
Answer: Dear firstly please add a correct lmp in the app because that way it will be easy to reply knowing the week of pregnancy you are in and also you will get correct information and guidance from the app about what to eat and other stuff. So in early pregnancy it is normal that it's hard to detect baby so dont worry get a rescan in a week or 10 days hopefully everything will be fine by then..
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Question: my last period date is jan 30 im pregnent, doctor said that she can't found the baby in vajinal scan and she told me to come on march 11, how many days will took to dispaly in ultra sound
Answer: Hi dear.... the gestational sac should be seen by 5-7 weeks of pregnancy please do get another scan done as per your doctor's advise dear...
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Question: Is it possible that we r pregnent with twins bt we cant find that in ultrasound,???
Answer: No .. the ultrasound and scans you would have take would have given proper results accordingly only the doctor would suggest you the medicines
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