7 weeks pregnant mother

I'm 39yrs old n now in first trimester of pregnancy. I'm scared of age related complications.plz guide?

Hi dear, I know age matters alot in pregnancy,but remember if you are fit and fine there is no need to panic.many ladies cannot even conceive in this age.since you have please take a good care of your health.donot skip NT scan and anomaly scan in second trimester.as you age ,birth complications and baby growth defects increases .am not trying to scare you,but informing you.am hoping all is well.avoid stress and be happy about your pregnancy.be positive.
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Question: Hello Dr iam 39yrs old , is there any problem to get pregnancy in this age
Answer: Hi at this age he is there could be some complication while conceiving as your fertility will go down and your body will not be able to support a healthy pregnancy without any medical intervence you need to consult your doctor for the pregnancy and if you can see you may get some hormonal medicine to make sure no miscarriage could happen also you have to have a Healthy lifestyle to make sure that you can easily provide a proper nutrition to your baby don't miss your doctor visit once you are pregnant and follow all the instruction given by them this is not impossible to be pregnant and 39 year but yes dear at this age you need to just take some more care and attention .
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Question: Last trimester mean in pregnancy? How age of pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear First three months is considered as first trimester 4 to 6 months is considered as second trimester 7 to 9 months is considered as third trimester Total 9 months pregnancy is there.
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Question: Or in First trimester of pregnancy
Answer: Hi dear, Could you please post your complete query,so that I could answer you better?
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