37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm 37 weeks pregnant. Now my baby is in head down position. Will it change its position to breech or it settles there itself???

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Answer: Once after coming to head down baby doesn't changes again it fixes der itself until ur delivery
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Question: My baby is not in head down position at 37 weeks..is it leads to c-section orelse baby will move to head down position after 37 week..
Answer: Hii..till u get labour pain at any time v can expct baby to head down position. . In many cases at the time of delivery pain baby automatically turns to cephalic and got fixed. .so no worries dear.. do walk regly and if ur gyno suggested any excercis do slowly. .slowly climb staircase
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Question: I'm 32 weeks pregnant now.... During by 6th month scan report says that the baby position is breech.... Will my baby position change to head down position??
Answer: Yes dear, At about 32 weeks about 25% of babies are not in a “cephalic” (head down) position. It is normal for the baby to turn head down even by about 34 weeks. So don't worry! It is a concern if the baby is not head down at 36 weeks and beyond.
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Question: Hi.. I'm 37 weeks pregnant... My baby has turned his head down before 1 month itself.. Is there any chances to change its position now..? I feel my stomach different from today mor.. Pls reply
Answer: No/less chances of changing the position... But plz drink more water and don't roll over while sleeping..
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