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Question: Im 33 running last year may 10th 2018 got yr is going to complete but still nt get husband age is 31,he is younger than there age is the reason please rply

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Answer: Hi dear. Age is the most important factor when we talk about pregnancy, younger women have more chances to get pregnant then aged women . best age to get pregnant is till 35 for women and 40 for men . moreover age is not the only factor , women with good health conceive very easily even at the age of 40 or above , that means good health also plays a very vital role in conceiving . even after that we can't under rule that younger girls conceive much faster than then more women. You are at good stage . just be positive . conceiving is also depend upon mental health of both male and female so your mental condition also play a very important role in that should try to keep your mind stress free and happy, the more happy Wednesday the more will be your chances of conceiving so stay positive and good luck
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Question: Hi age is 33 7years back i got tube pregnancy n i got removed one side of tube ..nw im planning fr baby is there any chances to get pregnant plz reply me..
Answer: Hi Dear! Conception is possible with one tube, because you can ovulate from one tube whereas othet is removed, sincr you are planning a pregnancy now, i would strongly suggest to meet your gynea and discuss the things you need to maintain this time and if possible be on medication to improve ovulation which can increase your chances of conception.. Hope this helps!
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Question: I got married on2.3.2017..but still now i didn't get conceive... We consulted doctor one year before... Both us don't have any problem... Then what's the reason still now i didn't get conceive
Answer: Take healthy diet don't feel stress consult another Dr ask medicine to conceive I had an experience that both my husband nd I had no problem bt pregnancy is late I used exactly 1 month medicines to conceive I become pregnant by d next month try it Al d best ...medicine is just to keep ur egg safe that's it no other issues
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Question: I got married 5 months planning to get pregnancy from first month on wards.....still im not getting age is 25 and my husband age is 35....what i need to do get pregnancy...pls suggest me..
Answer: Hi dear, Pregnancy is a gradual process and needs lot of patience first get your routine tests done .like to conceive your TSH must be below 3.else conception would be difficult.your bp,sugar levels need to be check d too.body weight needs to be determined.and you should have normal body mass index.ovulation dates need to be calculated too.obly during this period you are fertile and releasing one egg ready to get having sex during this stage would increase your you can't find your ovulation dates then better get ovulation stress free and have healthy hom cooked meal junk diet till then.take folic acid suppliments regularly.....
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