30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm 30 weeks pregnant now in recent growth scan my baby growth stopped and blood is not circulating correctly.. doctor told it might be preterm.. my afi is also between 4.5 to 5.5 In 24 weeks scan baby was absolutely fine and growth is more.. wat is the reason for sudden decrease of growth and decreased blood circulation and afi.. can anything be done to become normal

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Answer: Consult radiologist or another doctor get scan done again if result remains same consult an expert.
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Question: In my today's growth scan at 33 weeks of pregnancy, I came to know that Umbilical cord is around my baby's neck, Is this something to be worried about? What kind of problem might arise due to this?
Answer: Hi do not worry, it is not a indication for c section.it will be assessed during the labour only.you can try for normal delivery but if during labour the babys head does not come down causes fetal distress then c section may be required.otherwise you can have a normal delivery.take care
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Question: I'm 31 weeks pregnant in my recent scan baby's growth is delayed by 1 week and afi is 9-10 cm... My doctor prescribed sildenafil tablets and sachets to increase afi.. Are they necessary... Is it safe to use during pregnancy
Answer: Yes dear its nesasary. So take medicine nd sahets acvording to ur drs prescripation. so dear take eight to ten glass water daily nd three to four ltr liquids daily its helpful in increasing afi level take buttermilk coconut water lemonate nd fresh fruit juices too nd take fruits nd vegetables which r high content water .try it dear .
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Question: Today in my growth scan amniotic fluid level is 20 which is more for 26 weeks , what can be done to decrease and due to which reason fluid level becomes more , any idea please
Answer: Hi Dear, Please consult with your doctor. He/She will provide you medicine.
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