28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm 28 weeks pregnant mother. Having severe headache can you suggest any home remedy or medicine

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Answer: Headache during pregnancy might feel uncomfortable so you can follow these tips.Sitting and laying down properly is very important. Get plenty of rest and relaxation.Exercise if ur doctor suggest u .Do it under someone supervision .Eat well-balanced meals.avoid junk foods as they can give headache specially chinese. Apply cold or heat packs to your head.If you have a sinus headache, apply a warm compress around your eyes and nose.If you have a tension headache, apply a cold compress or ice pack at the base of your neck Maintain your blood sugar by eating smaller, more frequent meals . this may also help prevent future headaches. massaging your shoulders and neck is an effective way to relieve pain.Rest in a dark room and practice deep breathing.Take a warm shower or bath
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Question: Having severe cold, cough and headache. Can anyone suggest any medication or home remedy?
Answer: Drink milk with a pinch of pepper and turmeric powder. Do steaming with neem leaves, guava leaves, nochi leaves. Mutton leg soup.. keep pepper in mouth while sleeping to avoid cough..
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Question: Hello..I'm 18 weeks pregnant.. And today I'm suffering from severe headache..plz suggest any medicine..or atleast any home remedy??
Answer: Hello dear.. Headache in pregnancy is quite common,it is due to increase of harmone and volume of blood,it can also occurs due to dehydration, sleep,stress ,lack of nutrition, follow these stepsto overcome head ache.. Have a nutritious diet,which contains all nutrients needed for baby's development Have 5-6small meals,it will help you from starving Sleep as well as possible, poor sleep will also lead to head ache Keep your mind relaxed,hear good songs Keep yourself engaged with any activity,so that you won't go to mood swings Practice breathing techniques,will be greater benefit for reducing headache
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Question: Plz suggest any medicine for severe headache..I'm 18weeks pregnant
Answer: Hello, I'm happy to help. It's normal to get tension headaches when you're pregnant, especially in the first trimester. Migraine sufferers usually get some relief during pregnancy  although some women get their first migraine headache whenthey're pregnant. This is due to the harmonal changes in the body. Here are a few steps to help you get relief from headache: Cool Compress. Avoid headache triggers. Include physical activity in your daily routine. Manage stress. Practice relaxation techniques. Eat regularly. Take care.
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