18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm 17 weeks pregnant today I have lot of back pain is it any problems n how to get rid from this back pain

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Answer: Dont stand up for long time. U can also try out a pregnancy pillow. It worked well for me since i had constant back pain during early days
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Question: I'm suffering from upper stomach pain since night. I'm in the second trimester (5month) What are the causes? How should I get rid of it?
Answer: Hi, it could be Gastritis. Gastritis or heart burn is very common in pregnancy due to hormonal changes, after 2nd trimester it will be more because of growing uterus stretches abdomen and causes pain and burning sensation.drink plenty of fluids, avoid excess spices and salts.avoid coffee and tea for few days.if it is severe take syrup gelusil twice daily.take care
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Question: I am 5months pregnant and I'm having lot of back pain is it normal for everyone or anything serious...
Answer: Backpain or round ligament pain is usually normal.but if it is severe or unbearable den u should seek your doctor's help.
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Question: Hi. I'm having tooth pain from past a week.. wat to do to get rid of this pain.. I consulted gyno he suggested dolo650.. but pain didn't reduced.
Answer: Pain where? Specifications are important to understand
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