16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm 15 week pregnant n I can feel pain in both my lower abdomen its normal or not??

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Answer: I am also facing this...i think this is round ligament pain..uterus streches from both side to make space for the baby
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Question: Feel pain in lower abdomen can Breastfeed or not
Answer: Congratulations for motherhood sure u can feed to ur baby its safe .take plenty of liquids nd water ,avoid oily spicy nd junk food take buttermilk coconut water nd lemonate too try it nd give warm compres to ur belly too try it
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Question: I m 5 weeks pregnant..and I feel pain in my lower abdomen ..is it normal??
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy Dear in 3 months i also face same belly pain i afraid nd consult to dr she said It's normal she said its due 2 physical changes comes in body ..she advised me to Increase Water Intake.,.Eat Fibre-Rich Foods.,Have Small Meals,Fenugreek Seeds nd Lemon Juice too .nd suggest to take rest ,avoid lifiting any thing nd avoid sex too .i try it nd gets some relirf .u can try it also .
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Question: I'm about 7 week pregnant. Is it normal to feel slight pain or cramping in my lower belly?
Answer: Due to changes in given how many levels sometimes you can get my lower abdomen and cramping pain but that should not continue for longer time. If the pain is mild and going on and off then it is absolutely fine.
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