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Question: I'm 10 wks pregnant.. I had a vomiting and sickness and no Hungry and nausea and also I can't even think about food and eating.. while my mom asking me to had a food at that time itself I will start vomiting.. But from yesterday I feel less vomiting at morning only and also I'm okay with having food and having little nausea.. But I'm very much afraid that why suddenly there is a change in my body.. is this any problem.. pls let me know whether I need to consult a doctor or anyone has gone through the same means pls ans me..

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Answer: Hi, vomiting and not feeling like eating is common in the 1st trimester. Consult your doctor to prescribe you tablet to stop vomiting after eating meals. However, dont force yourself to eat much if you dont feel like. Try eating dry items like cream crackers, biscuits, rusks, cornflakes, and start eating soaked almonds in the morning so that the baby gets its daily nutrients. You might even loose weight in the 1st trimester but all will be recovered in the following months when your nausea will reduce and stop.
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Answer: No ,usually nausea and vomiting will decrease after 12 weeks ,so its usually normal
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Question: I'm 13 weeks pregnant. I had sex with my husband today is that okay? Will there be any prblm. Because i was having severe sex drive for the past week. Pls tell me a positive comment
Answer: Its normal but advice is to not to do sex. It will push the baby in upper side.
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Question: I had nausea and tender breasts until my first scanning and slowly slowly all the symptoms are gone.. now I m a bit scared as to is everything okay
Answer: Everything will be fine dr... hormonal changes..so don't wrry
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