26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: If we wear elastic cloths then it can harm the baby it is colpulsory to wear gown after 5th month or we can wear elastic cloths in 2nd trimester

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Answer: Hello! Wear clothes which are not tight and comfortable during pregnancy. If elastic cause uncomfortness or is very tight then avoid. Take care
Answer: Wear loose clothes, pregency dresses are available in online buy those, u may feel comfortable in cotton gowns
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Question: If i wear elastic pents or legins then it will be effect baby
Answer: It's better not to wear very skinny and tight dresses. Loose and comfortable dresses are more suitable during pregnancy.
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Question: Hii ..its my 5th month of pregnancy ..can i wear elastic pants and Plazo it is comfortable for my baby...???
Answer: It is fine but make sure it is not so much tight...rest all are ok..enjoy
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Question: After one month of c section it is safe to wear Penty and elastic(rubber) reaches upto belly button
Answer: Hiii yes surely u can we were it with soft elastic grip on it. Doing wear cotton panties to avoid any infection. All the best
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Question: I know well that one should wear loose cloths. But dont know how loose it should b? I wear shorts in home but whenever i sit down i feel that elastic being tucked to my tummy... Is this okieee? Or do i need to wear cloths without elastic or shouldnt b tucked to my tummy?
Answer: Buy maternity bottom clothes
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