6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: If we have folic acid tablets during pregnancy??will the baby become darker??

Answer: I hv to take folic acid.. I won't make baby colour dark.
Answer: No
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Question: By consuming folic acid tablet,will the baby become darker in pregnancy??
Answer: Hi dear, Not at all.folic acid has no effect on baby's complexion,rather it is mandatory to have to avoid any birth defects in baby.
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Question: We can have folic acid pills during pregnancy
Answer: Folic acid should be taken throughout pregnancy and if you are planning for pregnancy its good to start from now itself. And one secret is iron and folic acid during pragnancy leads to beautiful hair growth for baby 😀😁
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Question: How many folic acid tablets we can take per day during 6 weeks pregnancy?
Answer: Hi! The medicine should be taken as per Dr.s prescription, pls only take medicines the way your Dr. has prescribed.. Good luck!
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