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Question: If we are trying for conceiving, and i got fever at that time, is taking nicip plus effect the chance of conceiving?

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Question: Hi. We are planning for baby next month. what are the preparations for both of them, before conceiving baby. Which food, tablets are taking at this time. What are the best methods to conceive twins.
Answer: Take folic acid supplements available in the market. Get your hemoglobin and thyroid status checked and correct them if required before conception. Have a balanced nutritious diet. Twin pregnancy is a high risk pregnancy and has it's own complications, also it is difficult to rear two newborns in the proper manner. There are no scientific natural methods known to concieve twins, happens by chance and also if there is history of twinning in the family. Rates of twin conception also increases on taking ovulation induction drugs and IVF using multiple embryos. Hope this information is useful to you.
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Question: I got married in December 2016...we are trying for baby..but why i m not conceiving
Answer: Hi, if you have tried for a year, and still not successful, kindly visit your gynecologist.
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Question: I got married before 1 year and after that we got separated for 6 months by the month of june we get united and tried for pregnancy, june month i didnt get my period and my period date was 27 instead of that i got in the month of july 5th and again got separated for 2.5 months, now almost 3 months we r trying for pregnancy and my period date was irregular when we are not trying at that time my period was happening at correct date. Oct i got my period on 7th then nov 4th and dec 10 is there any problem?
Answer: Chk with home pregnancy test for results wait for one more week n chk
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