24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: if urine infection to much.... then it's effect baby aur not....

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Answer: It wont effect baby just have proper wash and take lot of fluids. Wash daily with spatika non eatable one dilute in water and wash it will help u to get rid os infection.
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Question: Urine infection can effect the pregnancy? ??
Answer: No urine infection is common in pregnancy becz of pressure of uterus 'll fall on urinary bladder, take more liquids and fiber good I 'll definitely 'll over come by taking more fluids
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Question: If feeding mother got urine infection then it is ok to breastfeed her baby?
Answer: Hi Dear! Yes you can breastfeed the baby and while being prescribed meds from Dr. plz mention that u r a feeding mom, Dr. wud prescribe breastfeeding friendly meds and take medication as if the bacteria is not completely out of the body it may reoccur.Please take ample of bed rest. Don't strain yourself. Make sure you drinks lots of water and wash your vaginal area thoroughly and pat it dry everytime you urinate.Cranberry juice really helps in flushing out infection. Drink loads of water and tender coconut, buttermilk- lots of fluids in short. Take care!
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Question: if i got pregnant without any healthy preparation then how much it will effect on baby?
Answer: Hello! Don't worry, many women get pregnant without any planning and tend to conceive. But most of them deliver a healthy baby. Hence, once you are pregnant, you can maintain a healthy lifestyle with proper doctor visits and prenatal medicine. Have exercise to keep your self fit. This will all help you to stay healthy and also deliver a healthy baby. Take care
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