31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: If tummy is big it is girl if tummy is small it is boy is it true or false

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Answer: Hi, so many people says like that, and 90% of that become correct, and also sometimes it becomes wrong. We can't decide that 100%
Answer: Hi dear, can't determine baby's gender on these ground. Better wait for wonderful surprise to come to this world.
Answer: False
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Question: Fetal Heart Rate below 140 is boy and above 140 is girl. Is it true or false.
Answer: Yes dear I too have heard it that girls have higher heart rates (140-160), while boys tend to have lower ones (120-150) but not sure about it. As it can be myth also because it is not true in every case. One of my friend believed in it but after delivery the case was different. So, never believe in such things.
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Question: If are belly s big it s girl and it s small it s a boy s it true
Answer: Hi.. all mothers will hav a curiosity while pregnant whether it's a boy or a girl.. don't judge by ur belly.. anything if it's just hav the curiousness n be happy always coz it ll be a blessed baby.. so don't think of ur belly whether big of small..
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Question: Everyone says if our bump is small it is boy if our bump is big then it is girl is it true..??
Answer: no dear. it's not like that.all threse are myth. baby bump depends upon your body mass index and quality and quantity of foods you are taking.
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