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Question: If there are 2 pink lines on pregnan news strip? Is it positive or sign of pregnancy?

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Answer: It might be weekly positive. Try one more time and with first urine of the day.
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Question: If I get 2 lines in pregnancy kit. Is it positive or negative?
Answer: Looks like positive... Read instructions one the kit... All the best and if its positive cangrats
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Question: I tested for pregnancy on 28days of my cycle.i got two lines but one with light pink. What does it mean? Positive or negative?
Answer: Hi dear most home tests are designed to be positive when you're two to three days late for a period (or 15 to 16 days after ovulation). If there's a faint line, there's only a small amount of hCG in your urine, usually because it's early in the pregnancy. For better result please do another test after a week to get the final result.
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Question: Today took pregnancy test. It's positive by showing 2 pink lines. My doubt is how can I know is it one week pregnancy or 2 week or so on. M not able to understand this. plz help
Answer: Hello dear, Congratulations for your pregnancy. Count your pregnancy date from your last period date. According to your LMP date. You will be more than 4 weeks pregnant.
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Question: Prega news kit shows 2 pink lines, 1dark and other faint. Am i pregnant or not?
Answer: Yeah u r pregnant dear. Congratulations🎉🎊
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