33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: If the movement will happen from left to right i feel tight at right side and i feel tight in my stomach

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Answer: Hi dear, Such feeling are quite normal at this stage of pregnancy.as the baby gets bigger,it gives buggers and firm pushes to the wall of stomach.also when the baby turns you might will little tight there.it could also accompany with mild pain at times which is also normal.nothing to worry about .
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Question: I am feeling less movement of baby.. And feeling movement only in right side from starting.. From when I will start to feel movement in whole stomach or left side??
Answer: Dear baby movement can be felt only 1 side of stomach so don't worry and you know baby movement are important it can be high low sometime so don't worry...
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Question: Is right side little pain in stomach common ? I m having little pain from past 2 3 days and it happen sometime during the whole day mostly I feel the pain in right side and sometime in left side
Answer: This is common in pregnancy because your stomach is growing now and uterus too. So the pain will be there till your tummy is not fully out.
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Question: I am 28week pregnant ....I feel pain in my right side of stomach ..and stomach feel tight
Answer: Dear It's normal. As when baby grow uterus akso grow its puts pressure on muscles thats why mild abdominal pain s common so don't worry taje rest ,avoud carry heavy things ,take plenty of liquids too .take care
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