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Question: If the last cycle takes 42days... Do the same cycle takes to the next cycle? And im also consuming vitagreat and cystofert for this month period!!

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Answer: Hi dear usually if 42 days is your period cycle then it would be the same the next cycle also but if it is a regular then it might not be 42 days possibly, please have the supplements vitagreat and cystofert which the doctor has provided you and follow what the doctor says I mean try on those days your doctor has prescribed you to do the unprotected intercourse .. Hope this helps!
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Question: My last period tuk 42days cycle... I.e., on dec 5th to jan 16th... And till now i didn't get period.... Since im using cystofert n vitagreat from jan 16th.. as doctor suggested.... I literally confused that what causes my period delay? And also do it takes 42 days cycle this time also r else... When my period starts?? I couldn't find any symptom pf pregnancy since the feb 16th day has crosses,i didn't take any pregnancy test too!!
Answer: Hi dear, Then you better take a pregnancy test at home after two is too early to get pregnancy symptoms started only from 8 th week.better take up the test with first urine in morning on 23 rd feb.if it comes negative,then you have some underlying issue related to would have to get a thorough check up done .
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Question: I hav missed my period... It was like 6th day after Missing my period... I tuk a pregnancy test.. but it came negative.. what to do?? I hav using cystofert and vitagreat frm one month...since im suffering frm pcos
Answer: Wait for one more week, if period did not came then take pregnancy test and consult your doctor
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Question: Since i m having irregular periods... My periods r like once 29days cycle.. again 30 days cycle... N recently that is on dec 5th.. it took 43days cycle.... And again my last cycle was on jan 16th.. and no period till now... Im really confused.... And i didn't get period till now.. can i know when i can expect my period now?? Since im having pcos... Doctor suggested me cycstofert and vitagreat.. which im consuming from 1 month!!!
Answer: Dear it's completely normal to have irregular period cycle during this PCOS because it is a hormone imbalance and ovarian cyst makes it hard to ovulate and menstruation in a normal time range... am also suffering from PCOS so I can understand your take the medicine as prescribed by a doctor on regular basis and also its not possible to tell exactly when you will get your periods.. so if you didn't get your period and have any unprotected sex then first check with a home pregnancy kit that whether it is because of pregnancy or not and if it is not because of pregnancy and the results and negative. then wait for few weeks and if the periods didn't start on there own then consult with a doctor and maybe she will prescribe some medication to induce the periods.. there is nothing to worry in at its all normal...
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Question: I am planning for pregnancy but one week before period i got stomach right pain last month and got period now also same problem ,. What to do ,.i am frightening that i will get periods this month also
Answer: no stress and fear are enemies wen u plan for pregnancy.. they tend to play with your harmones.. don't worry. the best thing will happen only at the right time. you may have to wait for it with patience. since you get your periods regularly every month then you need not worry about.. the chances of getting pregnancy is more with regular periods... you may start to take your Folic acid supplement to increase your egg quality.. make sure you meet on your fertile days.. your ovulation day is 14 days prior to your next expected period... try to be in contact after 12 to 18 days either everyday or possibly every alternative days.. this 12th day is calculated from the first day of your last menstrual period. avoid getting up and using washroom immediately after sex. avoid travel and sex after 20 days of your periods . Avoid eating heat generating foods when u r planning to get pregnant..take a nutritious and healthy meal for you to get pregnant soon.. try for few more months and both of you may consult your doctor if nothing works out.
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