21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: If the increase in sugar levels during pregnancy will affect the baby?Bcoz I had slight increase in sugar level two months before ....But now it's normal...but I have the fear that again it will increase or not...

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Answer: Hi! there is no problem if there is a slight elevation in your sugar level but please stop stressing on this because it might increase the sugar level and if your doctor has prescribed you any special diet to keep the level under control please do maintain that and be active and stop stressing and even if someone has a gestational diabetes please be sure that it doesn't pass through to your baby that way.. Hope this helps!
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Question: I am two months pregnent. but my suger level was high. it's affect my pregnancy?
Answer: Hi dear, it is really important to keep your sugar level normal or this may affect your pregnancy. You should keep a tap of your sugar level and consult your doctor about it.
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Question: If I intake chapathi as daily routine for controlling sugar level means, it's affect the baby weight or not?
Answer: Hi dear. It won't affect. Be relaxed. Eat everything in small quantities. It's enough Split ur meal, don't eat at one time only, walking is best to control sugar after Every meal u should walk.
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Question: I am 29 weeks pregnant and never had sugar before.. In my today's test it shows 165.. Kindly advise the foods to be taken to control the sugar level and will that affect the baby?
Answer: Breakfast : 2 roti, low fat curd, sabzi, 11 am snacks meal me, (steam broccoli, one small carrot, muli ya ek fruit, apple, guava, ya oranges ek lo ) lunch : 2 roti, full plate salad, sabzi, one katori daal, evening snack me low calories aur low carbs wala kuch b lelo, ek fruit b le sakte ho dinner : 2 roti, sabzi, daal avoid: maida, sugar, rice, starchy food,
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Question: My hemoglobin level is 11.6 is it normal during pregnancy. If not how to increase my hemoglobin levels.
Answer: Mine is same as yours.but last month it was 9.dont think about it but take good care of your diet.drink pomogranate juice daily even a half glass.it will really work.do it and update it to me in next month...
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