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Question: If the fetus is in breech position in 28 weeks.. will it turn to cephalic position by delivery?

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Answer: Hi. yes there are a lot of chances now. Baby come in head down position on there own by 32-37 weeks if they dont take the position by this phase there are very low chance that baby would change position after that. In metro cities some expert doctors opt for EVC (external cephalic version) to make babies position correct. Its a manual process to turn babies head down which has risks so only expert doctors handle it with lot of monitoring. Good luck.
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Question: Hi in my Tiffa scan there is breech position will it become normal till delivery
Answer: Hi You are in 27 Weeks Pregnant, you have 9-11 weeks i.e., till 36-38 weeks - the baby will take its position to normal, by that time if the baby is still in breach position, the doctor will suggest us to medwife doctor to turn the position of the baby by 36th week. There are excercise to make the baby turn from breach position to normal position...Please to consult your doctor and take the recommended excercise for baby breach position.
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Question: What is the breech baby position in pragnency...is it a problem for normal delivery
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy When your babyis bottom or feet first in the womb, they are in a breech position. This is common in early pregnancy. The ideal position for birth is head-first. So if ur baby changes his position nd go in cephalic position then only there s changes of normal delivery otherwise in breech position only c section s safe for u nd baby .
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Question: Breech baby at 35 weeks. When it is come to cephalic position
Answer: Even I have the same thing. Now I m 37 weeks pregnant. Doctor suggested to take bed rest.
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