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Question: If the begins is narrow, is there is a less chances for getting pregnant

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Answer: Hi dear, If the penis is unable to penetrate properly then it could be difficult for ejaculated sperms to enter. so what happens if you face difficulty in penetrating the penis in during an intercourse and if there is difficult in penetrating then the chances of getting pregnant comes down . So either you will have to try putting 2fingers inside the vagina and try expanding it....slowly you can put 3 fingers in and increase also if there is no problem in penetration then there is no problem in getting pregnant if there is no other condition
Answer: Hi dear yes chance get less if ur proper penetration is not happening. U can try to di fi getting with 2 finger and then after few days try to do with 3 and then 4 . By this way ur opening can get broader
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Question: If vagina is narrow, less chances for pregnancy
Answer: Hi dear, I donot think that would.impact your long as sperms can swim through to uterus it won't matter.and sperms are microscopic,too tiny,they would pass through how.much ever Matteo your vagina is.
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Question: Is there less chances of getting pregnant after 32
Answer: Hi dear no there is no less chances of getting pregnant after 32 it is absolutely fine if you are planning for a pregnancy it's usually slows down after the year of 35 but as Medical Sciences very advanced nowadays that has also become possible with various treatments and IVF procedure but if you are 32 and planning for pregnancy now I would suggest you to please talk to your doctor check out fuse medical things just before planning like thyroid PCOD or any hormonal imbalance etc. and by talking to your gynecologist you will get to have some kind of supplements which can help you further. Hope this helps!
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Question: What are the chances of normal delivery if pelvic outlet is narrow?
Answer: The rate of cesarean section (CS) is increasing in delivery Narrow pelvic outlet is associated with an increased risk of emergency cesarean section because of protracted labor.
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