17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: If sometimes milk comes out from breast it is good or bad¿?

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Answer: Hi Yes, its completely normal, and it's nothing to worry about. What is leaking is the first thick, creamy milk (colostrum) your breasts make before producing milk Your breasts have been making this high-protein food, ready for your baby's birth, since about 14 weeks of pregnancy Some women leak quite a lot of colostrum, while others don’t leak at all. Leaking won’t make any difference to how much milk you produce once your baby is born
Answer: Hi! Leaking breasts are normal in pregnancy. Its not milk dont worry. There is an up surge of lots of hormones in your body at a time when you are pregnant. Also your body gets prepared in its own way so that you can breastfeed your child. So dont worry breast pain or soreness along with a little discharge is normal, if you want you can wear breastpads too no harm. Good luck!
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Question: After having sex sperms comes out sometimes is it ok
Answer: Hi dear, Post intercourse the semen comes out during ejaculation.and the million sperms in semen travel or swim through the vagina to uterus to ovary or fallopian tube to fertilize with egg.usually out of million sperms that spills out of your vagina,some manage to swim through.to increase the chances of fertilization,you must raise your bottom by placing pillows underneath for 5 minutes.due to gravity the semen keeps seeping out.
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Question: One or two drop of liquid comes from breast sometimes
Answer: Hello dear this leakage is normal.due to milk production. This is clostrum the first milk for the baby and it's full of nutrients. It helps the baby build a strong immune system A tough coating is created on your baby's stomach & intestines to keep germs from causing illness. Acts as a laxative to help your baby pass the first dark poop after it's born.
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Question: My baby keeps on sucking my breast but is unable to get milk our of it. If I press my breast lightly the milk comes out. Please help.
Answer: Use nipple shield for 1 month after 1 month feed directly
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